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Box is a cloud content management platform for companies of all sizes and industries. It offers security and controls for admins as well as sharing and collaboration capabilities for end users across the globe. The Box platform... Saiba mais

Sirv is a digital asset management solution designed to help businesses automatically optimize the image size to download in PNG, JPEG or WebP format. Using Sirv’s image processing module, organizations can upload high-resolution... Saiba mais

NetX is a cloud-based digital asset management solution for organizations in various industries, including museums, higher education, travel/tourism, plus more. The solution can also be deployed on-premise on Windows and Linux... Saiba mais

Jahia is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses monitor customers’ experiences and provide personalized content accordingly. Professionals can use the built-in CMS solution, jContent, to create, store, manage and share... Saiba mais

ArchivEra is a web-based collection management solution that helps small to large-sized organizations manage distributed archives and web visibility. Its key features include workflow automation, object documentation, real-time... Saiba mais

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MONTAGE is a digital collections management software designed to help public libraries create and manage digital archives, custom landing pages for public access, sub-collections and more. Organizations can scan, upload and store... Saiba mais

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JDX Suite is a cloud-based ad production suite of solutions designed to help marketers manage creative workflows, digital assets, rich media, ad operations, campaigns and video presentations. Key features include asset... Saiba mais

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