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Stratus Retail by Celerant Technology provides tools for point of sale (POS), inventory and order management, enterprise resource management (ERP), e-commerce, business intelligence, marketplace integrations (Amazon, eBay, Walmart, etc) and ongoing digital marketing. It also offers tools for management of cross-channel pricing, promotions, gift cards, inventory and fulfillment.  

Users can import vendor catalogs, automatically create purchase orders based on min/max levels in the system, show real-time inventory levels on e-commerce sites and automate drop shipping from vendors direct to customers.

Stratus Retail offers tools to manage order fulfillment, whether clients are fulfilling orders from individual stores, one central warehouse, off-load fulfillment to vendors or third parties such as Amazon.

Celerant also offers digital marketing services such as SEO and personalized email automation. Celerant offers its full-service digital marketing team who handles everything from concept to delivery, or retailers can use their own in-house marketing teams.


Stratus Retail - Multiple device capabilities
  • Stratus Retail - Multiple device capabilities
    Multiple device capabilities
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    Point of sale
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    Mobile e-commerce
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    Web store integration
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