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EcoTrack Fleet Management is a real-time GPS tracking solution designed to help service, freight, and construction businesses increase route efficiency while reducing costs and maintaining vehicle life. This solution can be used to track vehicles as well as assets, such as equipment, generators, trailers, plus others. EcoTrack Fleet Management provides DOT-compliant electronic driver logs where drivers can complete hours of service using a mobile data terminal. With this solution, businesses can set up equipment geofences, complete vehicle inspection reports, receive maintenance alerts, and monitor temperatures for mobile refrigerated assets. Its GPS device tracking features include automated pingbacks at 1-2 minute intervals, idle/moving vehicle activity, split-screen maps, traffic/weather conditions, and location/speed/distance data. Additionally, this solution can identify improper driving behavior, such as speeding and harsh braking. EcoTrack Fleet Management also offers a mobile app for vehicle tracking on the go. Businesses can choose from two GPS device installation options. Support is available via phone, email, and other online resources.
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