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TrueSight Pulse is a cloud-based network monitoring solution designed for cloud-based applications and offering features such as agentless AWS CloudWatch monitoring, real-time streaming visualization and third-party integrations. Businesses can monitor applications hosted on public and private clouds via a single dashboard. TrueSight Pulse automatically discovers all AWS CloudWatch services and their supporting resources for live monitoring. Users can also set key metric alarms for their network and visualize network performance data with graphs and charts. The interactive dashboard allows users to monitor core network metrics such as CPU performance, memory allocation, disk space and ping check. Users can also configure dashboards to monitor a combination of metrics or perform ad-hoc network diagnostics. TrueSight Pulse can be deployed on physical and virtual infrastructures including AWS, OpenStack, Microsoft Azure, VMware, Linux, Windows and MacOS devices. The solution can integrate with third-party applications such as Docker, Chef, Forkrate, Flowdock and AWS service.
TrueSight Pulse Software - 1
TrueSight Pulse Software - 2
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TrueSight Pulse Software - 1 - miniatura
TrueSight Pulse Software - 2 - miniatura
TrueSight Pulse Software - 3 - miniatura
TrueSight Pulse Software - 4 - miniatura
TrueSight Pulse Software - 5 - miniatura
TrueSight Pulse Software - 6 - miniatura

Preço do TrueSight Pulse

TrueSight Pulse possui uma versão gratuita e oferece versão de teste grátis. Versão paga do TrueSight Pulse a partir de US$ 8,00/mês.

Preço inicial:
US$ 8,00/mês
Versão gratuita:
Versão de teste gratuita:

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