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Creatio (formerly bpm’online) is a marketing automation platform that provides users with tools to manage lead management starting at demand generation, through nurturing and the transition to sales.

The solution features tools to test, modify and update processes as well as the ability to view marketing, sales and service information in a single platform.

The product's functionality covers areas such as email marketing, customer management, marketing automation and more. The application can be customized to include company colors and logos and can be used on both Mac and Windows devices.

Marketing Creatio can be implemented as a standalone solution or as a part of a customer relationship management (CRM) bundle.


Marketing Creatio - Customer view
  • Marketing Creatio - Customer view
    Customer view
  • Marketing Creatio - Lead qualification
    Lead qualification
  • Marketing Creatio - Opportunity
  • Marketing Creatio - Sales analytics
    Sales analytics
  • Marketing Creatio - Collaboration tool
    Collaboration tool
  • Marketing Creatio - Document flow automation
    Document flow automation
Sistemas operacionais compatíveis:
Mac OS, Navegador web (independente o SO), Windows 8

1 avaliações do Marketing Creatio


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Efficient CRM tool to optimize and automate key processes

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I like to work with the bpm’online system. It connected all the dots between our marketing, sales and service departments creating one single environment. Now we have a complete view of all business activities.
The system is powered by bpm engine which enabled us to optimize and automate key processes within the company.


Thanks to bpm’online we solved a whole range of business problems - we aligned our marketing, sales and service departments. The system mapped and automated our processes so that we were able to close all the gaps and increase our productivity. Additionally, bpm engine ensured that we were able to flexibly change our processes when needed. Constant improvements led to more efficient and smooth operations and satisfied customers.


Like any time you start something new, there is a learning curve. Thus, read user guides and watch videos on the website, dig into the functionality of the product.

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Deploying bpm’online can tremendously improve your business operations and increase your staff productivity.