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Conceptboard is a cloud-based project management solution that caters to remote and distributed teams in businesses of all sizes across various industries. Features include document management, task management, version control, synchronous editing, Kanban boards and more.

Conceptoard's virtual whiteboard toolkit allows users to mark up files with drawings, shapes, sticky notes and also attach other files. The solution's collaboration features include live pointers, a moderator mode, audio and video conferencing, product mockups and more.

Additionally, Conceptboard features various project management functionalities such as task assignments, email alerts, team user roles, board overviews and activity streams. The solution also supports integration with various third-party systems such as Trello, ImageRelay, Mail2Board, Tokbox, Google Drive and Salesforce Chatter among others.

Services are offered on a per month per users basis. Support to customers is offered via phone, email and an online help center.


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